Our Values

At Galileo, we are:

  • Passionate

    We love our field of practice more than anything. The legal field is constantly changing, we are always adapting to keep up with its evolution. By closely monitoring our ever-changing field, we are always in a position to provide effective solutions to suit your needs.

  • People-oriented

    Every member of our team is a caring, attentive individual. We make it a point to put you first and ensure our approach is always as compassionate as possible.

  • Ethical

    Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you need, we are always committed to protecting your rights and best interests.

  • Meticulous

    From beginning to end, nothing stands in our way of making sure that each and every file receives the attention and expertise it deserves.

  • Creative

    Since all files are different, we offer a tailored service unique to each and every one of our clients. Already experts in the recurring issues that often appear in the world of immigration today, we are able to shift our focus to anticipate and prepare for the ones that are undoubtedly just beyond the horizon.