Facilitating the relocation of foreign workers 

relocalisation accueil


Our experts facilitate the relocation of your foreign workers to Canada 

Relocating foreign workers poses a challenge for companies; there are numerous elements to cover and coordinate to provide a quality experience for employees arriving from abroad. We offer peace of mind to employers through our personalized relocation services, specially tailored to the needs of foreign workers. 

Whether the goal is to simplify the arrival of cohorts of workers or to attract professionals and executives with a standout employer offer, our expertise ensures a smooth transition for each person into their new living environment. 

Our team handles all aspects of the process, offering comprehensive support that includes planning, logistical management, housing search and the necessary administrative procedures upon arrival in Canada. 

A team of relocation experts 

Our team of relocation experts, supported by a vast network of partners and collaborators, has all the skills needed to successfully orchestrate even the most complex relocation projects. 

Our offer

Relocate your foreign workers

We offer a complete range of relocation services – from the most common to the unique – to effectively support foreign workers and their families. Our team can respond creatively and personally to the specific needs of its clients. 

Arrival preparation 

  • Initial consultation 
  • Sharing information about the host city and life in Canada 
  • Guides and reference tools 
  • Arrival strategy 
  • Exploratory trip 

Moving and settling in 

  • Moving coordination 
  • Housing search 
  • Housing setup 
  • Subscriptions 
  • Insurance 

Arrival and orientation 

  • Coordination of flight itinerary 
  • Private health insurance 
  • Airport pickup and transportation 
  • Coordination of the first grocery purchase 
  • Orientation tour 

Administrative procedures 

  • Social Insurance Number (SIN) application 
  • Enrollment in the provincial health insurance plan 
  • Opening a bank account in Canada 
  • Exchange of a foreign driver’s license 

Integration and family 

  • Enrollment of children in school or daycare 
  • Registration with the local welcome and integration organization 
  • Enrollment in French language courses 
  • Advice and support for workers after their arrival in Canada 

Our step by step process to relocate your foreign workers.


Preparing for relocation to ensure a successful transition 

We are committed to preparing workers before their departure by providing all essential information and resources for a successful settlement in Canada. Our relocation program is specifically designed to meet individual needs, ensuring a smooth transition to their new country. 


Learning about the province 

Explore the cultural richness of the host province, discover its major cities and their unique attractions. Learn about festivals, cultural events and historical sites to fully immerse yourself in the regional identity. 


Discovering the host city 

Get familiar with the host city as a destination for a visitor by learning about its main points of interest, essential services, recreational areas, and social life opportunities. Receive relevant information to facilitate integration into the new city and optimize the daily living experience. 


Understanding the Canadian financial system 

Learn to navigate the Canadian financial system and receive advice on budgeting to effectively manage personal and family finances. 


Navigating the healthcare system 

Get familiar with the Canadian healthcare system, including steps to obtain medical coverage and available health services. 


Understanding the local real estate market 

Get information on the real estate market to find housing suited to your needs and budget, with assistance from our relocation experts. 


Exploring transportation options 

Explore the various transportation options available to efficiently move around your new region. 


Learning about telecommunications services 

Learn about telecommunications service providers to stay connected with your loved ones and colleagues. 

pénurie étudiant étranger

Understanding cultural differences 

Receive practical advice to navigate cultural differences and quickly adapt to the Canadian way of life. 


Preparing for the canadian winter 

Get ready for the Canadian winter with advice on appropriate clothing, heating, and road safety during the coldest months. 

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